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So you cannot remember your password? No problem. Just follow the steps below and you will be back in your Members Portal Dashboard in no time!

1. Go to and click the “Forgot Password” button. (highlighted in red below)






2. In this step, make sure you enter your password exactly (highlighted in red below). For security reasons, the system will not notify you of an incorrect email address usage at this step. TIP: I recommend you use copy/paste to ensure you entered your email correctly (Control-C/Control-V on Windows and Command-C/Command-V on Mac).

Once you click the “Send Notice” button you should see

3. Given you entered your correct email in step 2, you should receive the reset email below at the email address we have in our records.

If you do not receive an email,

1. Understand you may have to wait 10-15 mins or more for the email to arrive. The email system does not ensure guaranteed delivery. Please be patient.
2. Ensure the reset password email is not in your spam folder. Consult your email client documentation for more information.

NOTE: If you never receive an email, the most likely cause is you did not enter the correct email address we have on file in step 2.

Once you receive the email, click the reset link in the screenshot (highlighted in red).

An important note is that the link can only be used once.

4. Once you click the link (highlighted in red) above, You should see the following screen.

5. Enter a new password in “New Password” input box below and repeat the exact same password in “Repeat Password” input box (highlighted in red). It must follow the requirements listed in the “Password Requirements” section you see above.

6. Click the “Update password” button above.

If you successfully changed your password, you will see the following.

7. You can now enter your username or email address into the “Username/Email” and “Password” input boxes and click “Sign In”.

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