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Modern Money
for a Global Community


Modern Money
for a Global Community


Your Money. Your Youniverse.

Accessible and easy to use, AGX Pay goes where you go, working to build your future without putting the fear of exorbitant fees or restrictive regulations into your financial decisions. Whether it’s across the street or across the world, all transactions are private, secure, transparent, verifiable, and immutably notarized upon the blockchain.


transactions to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Make Life Happen with smart money that’s protected by secure technology and designed to set your finances free. AGX is inflation resistant and provides global purchasing power, meaning your wealth is preserved for a better tomorrow.


AGX Working at the
Speed of Life.

In just 3 minutes you can future-proof your wealth and begin saving for financial freedom.

AGX Coin is sound secure silver money. Period.


to save and freedom to live.

A Timeless Solution – AGX is built on the world’s oldest, most trusted form of sound money and second largest commodity – Silver, meaning AGX is backed by real value, not debts.

Without Compromise – We use world-class cryptography to protect your money on the back-end, so you can enjoy AGX without worry on the front-end.


and oh so easy to use.

Easy as Autopilot – Building wealth doesn’t have to be complicated. Automate your wealth preservation, or create opportunity through spending with our secure, easy-to-use interface.

With you in mind – From buying a coffee to feeding your family, AGX allows you to take financial control, and empowers you to live your life, your way.


built without borders.

A Global Community – AGX is part of a global movement to create a money-system by people like you active in over 95 different countries.

By People For People – Unlike most financial services, AGX is created by thousands of like-minded silver enthusiasts like you, there’s no corporations and no hidden agenda.

Need more details?

Want to get into the nitty-gritty? To learn more about the ethos behind AGX, and about which AGX use case is right for you? – read our FAQ to learn more about us and get the facts, not the fluff.

Your Money.
Your Youniverse.

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