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AGX is digital silver that restores real value to your money

Backed with one gram of pure silver.
Powered by blockchain.

Built by a global community that believes you should have control of your money.

Financial freedom for all

With the advent of blockchain technology, it is now possible to protect everyone’s future with a medium of exchange that has stood the test of time: Silver.

A global community is working together to restore real value in money by bridging blockchain technology to physical silver.

AGX is silver reimagined.

AGX is modern silver-money for everyone.

Founded on the belief that everyone should experience a better life with financial freedom.

No matter who you are, where you live, what you earn.

AGX will give you the power to instantly send and spend, build and store wealth with modern silver-money.

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Your Community

Change your world

Sofía’s tired of waiting around. She joined a movement.

AGX connects a global community.

Sofia is a global wanderer, a free spirit in constant search for new experiences. But like many, that’s how she feels inside. On the outside, she feels stuck. Unable to pay for increasing costs of living, Sofia seeks change. She doesn’t know where to start. She wants to join a movement of like-minded people that believe freedom — financial freedom — is an inalienable right. A simple google search landed her at AGX. A community that grew out of a simple idea that our hard-earned money belongs to us. Sofia joined AGX to take control over her financial freedom with something real: silver. She put her money in something she believes in, where she feels safe, protected and ultimately free.

Jose protects his wealth, instantly. What a concept.

AGX offers alternatives.

Jose is a digital native who always thinks outside of the box. He thrives in his spontaneity and enjoys spending freely when something comes up. But there was one thing he can’t seem to escape when it comes to his money. Fees and hidden costs. Being the unconventional free-thinker that he is, Jose searched for an alternative. An alternative that is free of insurmountable fees, of unnecessary bureaucracy and of uncertainty outside of his control. AGX reimagined his money into an affordable silver-money that enables him to transact instantly, build inflation-resistant wealth and live worry-free knowing that his money is backed by something real. For the first-time ever, Jose truly feels in control. That he can protect his wealth and build his future. What a concept.

Kiko wanted to grow her business, and she did.

AGX provides a global marketplace.

Kiko was never fond of the 9-5 work life. That’s why she started her own business selling handcrafted jewelry. She built a business and created her own opportunity. At a standstill, Kiko knows it’s time to share her unique designs with more people. So Kiko explores AGX Markets and joins as a merchant. The business benefits came instantly: lower fees and cash requirements thanks to cryptocurrency-enabled transactions, and immediate access to a global network of buyers. She now has a stable income, enabling her to focus on growing her business and mastering her craft. She is proud to be part of an environment that enables her, and other small business owners, to reach financial autonomy. Kiko is rejoicing in her freedom because AGX gave her limitless opportunities.


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Three pillars

We, the global AGX Community, are driven by these three pillars:

Pillar 1


Silver has been a medium of exchange for centuries. It has proven to be a hedge against inflation, deflation and devaluation. It is a secure, stable and a sound form of money people can trust. Now is your time.

As a global community, we are coming together to take control of our money. Silver-money is making a comeback on a secure, scalable and reliable blockchain. To meet the demands of our digital age with sound money. To ensure we build our wealth for the future. Together.

Pillar 2


AGX is modern silver-money designed with you in mind to give you freedom to build your wealth, the way you want. With AGX, you will be free to send, spend and build wealth with borderless digital silver. Don’t break even. Break free.

With a tangible precious metal as its foundation, AGX preserves purchasing power over time and enables you to build stable capital, worry-free. AGX is autonomous, borderless and free from influences aimed at devaluing your financial freedom. Now is our time.

Pillar 3


The global AGX Community is building the future of money in an open-source, collaborative initiative powered by blockchain technology. AGX is built for you, by you.

The community is fueled by a global network of like-minded people and organizations, united by a common vision: financial freedom for all. The AGX Community is designing a new system to empower you to take control of your wealth because it believes that your hard-earned money should be backed by something real. That’s why AGX is backed with pure silver.

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AGX for merchants

Remember Kiko? AGX helped her business
compete on the world stage.

AGX can grow/help/inspire your business too.

Become an AGX merchant

AGXMarkets.com offers a secure platform for business owners to buy and sell an array of products and services. Added benefits include:

  • Low cost, and secure transactions
  • Zero/$0 cash fees on sales
  • Inflation-proof your business
  • Reduced cash on-hand requirements
  • Access to a global customer base
  • Valuable rewards & incentives programs
Your Money
Your Marketplace
Your Youniverse

AGX Markets is a place that connects businesses with consumers eager to spend modern silver-money.

Power your business with silver-money. Don’t break even. Break free.

AGX Pay Wallet

One wallet bridging a world of opportunities. Buy, sell and store AGX instantly on the easy-to-use, peer-to-peer AGX Pay wallet.

One wallet bridging a world of opportunities.

Buy, sell and store AGX instantly on the easy-to-use, peer-to-peer AGX Pay wallet.

  • Simple. Send and spend straight from your smartphone as fast as an SMS.
  • Secure. Safe, low-cost transactions protected by blockchain technology.
  • Stable. Real assets, real value, real silver-money.

Your Money. Your Wallet. Your Youniverse.

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AGX Silver Cards

The Fast, Flexible and Secure way to buy AGX

Silver Cards are the fastest way to securely acquire AGX’s Silver-Money! Simply enter the dollar amount of your choice, provide payment details, and an Electronic Gift Card will be delivered instantly as an Exchange Card.

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